April 26, 2016


  • Jill Bjers
  • Scott Lundgren
  • Peter Maio
  • Randall Mardus
  • Lori Quinn
  • Rachel Safren
  • Keri Shearer
  • Jim Van Fleet
  • Guest: Andrew Bowen





Welcome Andrew Bowen from the City of Charlotte, who will be focusing on matters of Data Governance and fostering collaboration among City departments. Andrew will be working on an Open Data Policy, Jill will provide input.

Rachel Safren also joined the meeting.  Rachel will be the Brigade’s Volunteer Coordinator, focusing on getting volunteers to be more active.


David North is inheriting Twyla McDermott’s portfolio and focusing on strategy and services, not just GIS, that would include data and analytics.  Jill and Jim have a meeting with David on 4/27 to assess level of involvement.

Potential Brigade Apps from Mobile Engagement Strategy Community Workshop

The full list of ideas generated from the workshop is available on the Open Data Portal.  A summary of the ideas is included in the report from Faster Glass Consulting that is posted on Basecamp.

Jill reported that the project canvas board worked well at Civic Tech Day, April 9.  She has now put the project ideas onto Trello – which will be a good tool to direct volunteers at Hack Nights.

Keri discussed a few items pertaining to application sponsorship:

  • Karen Whichard is a strong sponsor for Open Budget.
  • CATS may make some data available regarding ridership.  Lori will reach out to a contact at CATS.
  • There is an MOU with CMS.  Keri will follow up with Dr. Truesdale (CIO-CMS) who may be interested in a “Where’s My School Bus?” app.
  • Scott asked about a possible sponsor for a Public Art app that may permit citizens to provide photographs and contribute.  Keri will follow up.

Knight Prototype Fund / SEED20

Jill reported that there will be no more incoming classes for the Knight Prototype Fund.

Kudos to Jill for her “performance” at SEED20 OnStage.  As a follow up, she has breakfast planned on 6/1 with Charlie Elberson, the primary trustee and advisor for the Reemprise Fund within the Foundation for the Carolinas.  She will engage some consulting assistance to beef up the business plan and funding plan.


Winter Holiday Gift Exchange – Scott reported that there are no issues.

Open Budget – Jim looking for a discussion on “what’s next?”  The focus could be on more and varied visualizations.  The Committee for a Better New Orleans (CBNO) has introduced a budgeting game.  There may be an opportunity for Charlotte to partner with CBNO.

Citygram – Jim reported that Orlando is the 11th city to join Citygram; 600,000 messages have been sent to Charlotteans life-to-date.

Adopt a Thing – Need to focus on ongoing operating model – i.e. ownership and maintenance after initial deployment, costing and billing back.  Keri will follow up.

Upcoming Events

Hack Nights – every Tuesday, Industry Charlotte.

June 3-4 – National Day of Civic Hacking.  Jill planning for a low tech meeting on Fri, 6/3, and a traditional Hack-a-thon on 6/4, at Industry Charlotte.


Rachel sent out Volunteer Survey on Slack and requests feedback.

Organization Updates

Jim and Randall are reviewing the draft Bylaws.  Jill is hoping to complete 501c3 application before meeting with Charlie Elberson.


Peter will use Basecamp to poll group on good dates for May meeting.

You can view the Brigade website at http://www.codeforcharlotte.org/ .

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