August 17, 2016


  • Jill Bjers
  • Scott Lundgren
  • Peter Maio
  • Randall Mardus
  • Rachel Safren
  • Keri Shearer
  • Guest: Lori Quinn
  • Guest: Ian Rae


Subject Notes
Introductions Ian Rae introduced himself to the group.
Funding Jill reviewed a document she has created – the CfC Impact Overview – that she will be using in her discussions with Charles Thomas (Knight Foundation).  She also reviewed the Knight Foundation Matching Grant Ask that outlines goals, milestones, and outcomes.
Jill reported that Amalia Duloney is looking into a non-profit to accept funding on the CfC’s behalf.
Potential Brigade Apps from Mobile Engagement Strategy Community Workshop Public Art – Scott reported he will add to Trello.  Lori reported that she will provide contacts at the Arts and Science Council to Scot.
School Bus Tracking – Jill reported that she intends to follow up with Dr. Truesdale at CMS.
Mayor’s Youth Employment Program (MYEP) – Jill exploring potential partnership.
Procedures for Work Intake Randall suggested it would be a good idea to create a visual representation of the procedures.  Will seek a volunteer to assist.
Projects Winter Holiday Gift Exchange – deadline for Phase 1 is 8/22.  Jill reported that we have a Skilled Volunteer Engagement (SVE) and terms of support agreed.  (Phase 1 is focused on Nomination Forms, Phase 2 will focus on Reporting.)
Open Budget – Andrew is following up with Karen Whichard on glossary terms and next steps.  Lori will seek and update from Andrew.


Adopt a Thing – no update.


Citygram – Keri reported that there may be a filter problem with re-zonings.  She will raise to Jim’s attention.

Legal Jill will invite Steven Snyder (King & Spaulding) to an upcoming Executive Committee meeting as schedules permit.
Jill asked for the Executive Committee members to generate a list of potential nominees for the Board and Advisory Group.  She posted “homework” on Slack, to be completed by Friday, September 9th.
Upcoming Events / Initiatives / Partnerships Hack Nights – every Tuesday, Industry Charlotte.
Scot represented CfC at the Digital Hip Hop Summit Sat, 7/30 at Johnson C. Smith University.  
Randal posted information about the AIGA event on Slack.
Jill posted information about Red Ventures Hackathon on Slack.  This is the first time it will be open to the community.  All demo day ticket sales are being donated to CfC!  The event takes place Sept 16-17 at Red Ventures HQ.
Jill reported that all of the North Carolina Brigade Captains will be getting together in Greensboro.
Keri posted information about the Neighborhood Exchange & Leadership Awards on Slack.  The event takes place on Saturday, 10/1 at the Charlotte Convention Center.
Notes Next meeting – Tuesday, September 20, Noon – 1:30pm, Industry Charlotte.
You can view the Brigade website at .


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