Equally as important to building a strong partnership with government is building strong partnerships with community organizations.  The simple reality is that government can’t provide everything, nor should we be looking to them to do so.  To have a holistic view of our city we need to look at both public and private efforts to provide services.

We believe that if we can help provide a partnership – or where appropriate a bridge – between public/private/citizens and services we can truly create a more open society that can access related services that are relevant to their needs. That is our goal.

If you have an organization that you think we should know about, please let Jill know. She might already have connected with them, but please hit her up anyway. Here are some great organizations that we’ve partnered with (this is not an all-inclusive list):


Digital Charlotte


Hip Hop University

Informative Technology


Knight Foundation

Media Democracy Fund

Red Ventures



Share Charlotte

Tech Talent South

The Iron Yard

Queen City Forward



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