Wondering what makes a project a Code for Charlotte project? Well, as with all things we have some fluid criteria that we like to follow.

Project Criteria


Then we start with a civic idea.  What’s a civic idea? Well, the broad parameters are that is must make our community better, more engaged and accessible. That can be both government, public resources or non-profit related. We love new partnerships, so if you have something in mind, please reach out.


We believe in Open Source, Open Data and Open Government. Our focus is to improve citizens interaction with government, community and each other through more accessible and transparent access to resources. We do that through the use of technology, education and advocacy.


We are language, technology, method agnostic.  What does that mean? Well, we aren’t tied to any one type of language or methodology.  We look at a project, determine what is the best fit for it and go from there.


So is your idea a Code for Charlotte Civic Project?

If yes, Yay! Check out the How To Start a Project page for your next steps.

If no, we will happily help with connections and advice if you are looking to start a civic tech company in Charlotte.  Plus, we’d love to talk to you about our future incubator.  But, our volunteer resources and hack nights are solely for volunteer work.

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