December 17, 2015


  • Jill Bjers
  • Peter Maio
  • Chris Sunde
  • Jim Van Fleet
  • Guest: Randall Mardus




Mobile Engagement Strategy

The Mobile Engagement Community Workshop was held on Thursday, December 10 at the Cone Center at UNC Charlotte and was a success.  Jill shared feedback and attendance statistics of the event.

Report of event is expected December 18.  Jill and Twyla will work to categorize any of the ideas that were collected as potential Brigade apps.

Presentation to City Council

Given attendees, no discussion on this topic.  Peter will add the incomplete action items as To-Do’s on Basecamp with due dates one week before next meeting.

Recap of Action Items:

  • Jill/Jim – make existing presentation available to the Executive Committee on Basecamp.  Complete
  • Twyla/Tom – review existing presentation and comment on suitability, suggest edits, etc.  Pending
  • Jill – ask CfA for additional material.  Complete
  • Twyla/Tom –strategize on getting slot on City Manager meeting.  Target October or early November.  Pending
  • Jill/Jim – keep eyes and ears open at CfA Summit for experiences and/or best practices for Procurement, RFPs, Purchasing, etc.  (It was agreed to make this a topic for an upcoming meeting – target February.)

TO DO: Erica will take a look at existing presentation and outline from previous Executive Committee Meeting and begin a working draft presentation.  Pending


Citygram – Jim will determine if a PO has been issued by the City.

Adopt a Thing – Jim will edit the Skilled Volunteer Engagement (SVE) agreement.

Open Budget – Jim in discussions with Karen Whichard on next phase of the project.

Procedures for Work Intake – Jill to review and share with group for further editing.  Will discuss at next Executive Committee meeting.

Winter Holiday Gift Exchange – Jill is working on SVE and will meet with CMPD in January.  Jim will work with Andrew to deploy in a proper development environment.

Cultivation Event with CfA

Not discussed due to Twyla’s absence.  Peter will add to January meeting agenda.

Affiliate Program

CfA is considering an affiliate program that will provide fundraising assistance in exchange for a percentage of the funds raised.  Jim and Jill will keep the Committee informed of the discussion.  Philadelphia and Jersey City Brigades are also being considered by CfA for the affiliate program.


Code for Charlotte has been accepted in the Class of 2016 for SEED20!  Check it out at .  Jill will participate.  Starting in early February, the SEED20 Class of 2016 will spend seven intense weeks of training, coaching, and mentoring on how to succinctly and powerfully tell their story – to funders, the community, and YOU! 

Jill will need substitutes for leading our Hack Nights during the SEED20 training.  She also asks for more participation from Executive Committee members at Hack Nights.

Mark your calendars for the April 11 event at the Knight Theater to support Jill.

Holiday Party

The Committee agreed on a date of 12/22, 7:00pm-10:00pm for a dinner Holiday celebration.  Subsequent to this meeting Jill sent a meeting invitation.

January Meeting

January Meeting:  Peter will seek input from Committee members via Basecamp for date and time of January meeting.


You can view the new website at .


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