Happy Birthday to us!

We love our birthday. Not only is it a celebration of our very first public meeting, where we introduced the idea of Civic Tech and Hacking to the Charlotte community.  But mostly,it was also that time we told a few people and thought that we’d have an intimate group of 30 people and ended up with an amazing crowd of 75 people showed up.  At that moment, we really knew we had something that the Charlotte community was hungry for.

So, we get together each year on January 17th to celebrate and kick off another great year of Code for Charlotte. This is a primarily social event.  There will be opportunities to learn what active projects are out there but mostly a mixer to get to know each other better. Please join us.


PS. If you are interested in helping organize our birthday party or any other Code for Charlotte event, please reach out to Jill. She’d love to have you involved.

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