What the heck is CodeAcross?

Besides awesome? It is our first hack-style event of the year that coincides with other cities across the country.  Usually it happens in March.  We know what you’re thinking… what’s hack-style? Well, we don’t think our events are what you would think of with a traditional hack-a-thon because it isn’t just participants sitting around and coding.  Yes, there is coding going on and some serious nerd talk but that is just part of the fun.

The other part is community and all of the non-coding skills it takes to make this crazy thing work.  If you’ve worked with developers you’ll understand this and if not, we’ll let you in on a poorly kept secret…it takes a lot more than just code to create technology solutions.  So don’t fret, there is definitely something for your to contribute.

Some details:

Date: 2017 is TBD

Time: 10am-5pm

Location: TBD




PS. If you are interested in helping organize our CodeAcross or any other Code for Charlotte event, please reach out to Jill. She’d love to have you involved.

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