February 16, 2016


  • Jill Bjers
  • Scott Lundgren
  • Peter Maio
  • Randall Mardus
  • Keri Shearer
  • Jim Van Fleet
  • Guest: Lori Quinn
  • Guest: Nainwei Liu




Debrief from Code for America Visit

Jill and Jim reported that the Code for America meeting was canceled, funding for local organizations is suspended indefinitely, and CfA is refocusing on the fellowship program.

Jim noted that there may be some follow-up discussion with regard to Citygram.

Potential Brigade Apps from Mobile Engagement Strategy Community Workshop

The full list of ideas generated from the workshop is available on the Open Data Portal.  A summary of the ideas is included in the report from Faster Glass Consulting that is posted on Basecamp.

Jill and Jim suggested a two-part follow up on these ideas.

  • Elaborate ideas of interest to volunteers at a “Code Across-like” event that the Brigade will sponsor.
  • Identify potential point people at the City that would be interested in sponsoring potential Brigade work.  Keri agreed to own this To Do.

Mobile Engagement Strategy Recommendation to Jeff Stovall

Jill will get confirmation from Jeff Stovall that he would like another event, then begin planning by identifying potential dates.

Status on Procedures for Work Intake

Deferred to next meeting.


Citygram – Keri will determine if a PO has been issued by the City.  Subsequent to meeting Keri informed that DeLisa Tolbert is checking on the PO.

Adopt a Thing – Jim anticipates that the Skilled Volunteer Engagement (SVE) agreement will be signed this week.

Open Budget – has been delivered to Karen Whichard.  Keri indicated that there may be some new contacts at the City.

Winter Holiday Gift Exchange – Scott reported that the front end is ready, the back end is being built.  There has been consistent volunteer engagement on this effort.  Jill noted that there is some very early stage discussion about a subsequent phase to this project for “Adopt a Child for Christmas”.

Upcoming Events

Code Across (https://www.codeforamerica.org/events/codeacross-2016/ )   is March 4-5.  Although the Brigade will not participate, we will organize a substitute event at the end of March.

Jill would like to incorporate a Leadership Council Meeting into an upcoming Hack Night, in which volunteers provide feedback.  She is tentatively thinking about the March 1 Hack Night.

Scott noted that the Shift Charlotte 2016 event (http://www.shiftcharlotte.com/ ) is coming on March 18-19.  Kendra Shillington would like the Brigade to promote it among members.  Jill indicated that if Kendra provides content for an email, Jill will send it.

Jill informed that we have been invited to participate in conversations and promote the Innovation Challenge: Tech, Solutions for Smart Cities calendar of Queen City Forward (http://queencityforward.org/programs/innovationchallenge/ ) throughout the year.

March Meeting

March Meeting:  Thursday, March 24, 6:00pm – 7:30pm, Industry Charlotte, NC Music Factory.  Jill sent meeting notice.


You can view the Brigade website at http://www.codeforcharlotte.org/ .

Mark your calendars for the April 11 SEED20 event at the Knight Theater to support Jill.  Tickets are on sale now at www.seed20.org .


Scott has file of commercial and residential building permits that he will send to Nianwei.

Jill has file of public art from Arts and Sciences Council that she will send to Keri.

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