February 18, 2015


  • Jill Bjers
  • Peter Maio
  • Twyla McDermott
  • Keri Shearer
  • Chris Sunde
  • Jim Van Fleet
  • Tom Warshauer




2015 Strategic Plan

Jill reviewed the 2015 Strategic Plan.  The Committee offered suggestions for some minor edits.  Jill will post on new website under “Roadmap”.

Note: You can view the new website work in progress at http://stagingcfc.rileychilds.net/

To Do: If you haven’t done so, send Jill a head shot for inclusion on the “Leadership” page.

Portfolio Initiative

Chris reviewed documentation of the portfolio (project list).  Jim and Chris point out that publication of the list is intended to attract talent as well as be a feedback mechanism for project status, talent availability, and other project metrics.

Chris and Jim will seek feedback from volunteers about what they would like to know about the projects.

Jill will evaluate Laddr as a means for communication about the projects.

CodeAcross 2015

The Committee discussed the projects to highlight at CodeAcross on Saturday, 2/21.


Jim and Twyla informed the Committee that the support agreement is in progress, Jim to revise and review with Twyla and subsequently Code for America.

To Do’s for Citygram

  • Jan Whitesell expressed desire to get additional datasets published.
  • Functionality for unsubscribing is not user-friendly.  It was agreed that the priority to address this issue should be higher than incorporating new datasets.

Jim agreed to establish a task plan and report on expected deployment dates at next Executive Committee Meeting.

Jim agreed to make the proposed fix available for work.

Open Budget

Twyla and Jim reported that a good dataset has been provided for review.

Jim indicated that his intention was to make this project a focus area for Code Across.

The agreement is in progress, Jim and Twyla reviewing.

Smart Cities Council

Hosted by Envision Charlotte and Mayor Clodfelter, the Smart Cities Council (http://smartcitiescouncil.com/ ) will hold its quarterly forum 3/23-3/24 focused on innovative technologies that are making cities smarter and improving their livability, workability and sustainability.  Itron will participate.

Twyla and Jim reported that an announcement and materials are forthcoming.  The Code For Charlotte Brigade will be a Community Sponsor.


Jill reported on a discussion she had with Charles Thomas and Christie Kahil from Queen City Forward (http://queencityforward.org/ ).

Jill agreed to invite Charles and Christie to speak at the March Committee meeting.


Tom will secure space for the next Committee meeting – Tuesday, March 24, Noon –1:30pm.

Jill sent meeting invitation.

Twyla mentioned the 2015 Multi-City Innovation Campaign (http://2015cityinnovation.populr.me/ ) in which Charlotte has been asked to participate.  Participants are asked to submit ideas to tackle the most challenging health issues in our cities and communities and develop proof-of-concept apps that City and State Partners will review and support for development into full prototypes.  Prototypes that meet City and State Partner needs can potentially receive $5,000 from each city, for a total of up to $100,000.  Twyla will discuss further at March Committee meeting.

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