Ever wonder how you make lasting change? How economic growth is spread or how we lift all of us up? Well, projects like our Balance project are a good way to open access to government services and improve the lives of our fellow residents.  But we are interested in making a larger, long-term impact on Charlotte.  We want to help bring real economic growth and prosperity.  Sound ambitious? We hope so.

We believe the best way to make lasting change is to bring the civic tech industry to Charlotte.  Civic Tech is a broad term used to describe technology that has a civic impact, either in a public or private sector.  Often it is used to describe technology that is sold to government but we’d like to definite that in broader terms as technology that is civic minded.

Why civic technology? Well, it’s simple.  Charlotte is a banking town and technology town. Which means we have a lot of technology and technology talent.  It makes sense to tap into that talent, while diversifying it into a new industry. This will strengthen our economy while not shocking it by requiring a huge investment of capital.

If you are interested in being a partner in our efforts, please email Jill to learn more about how to support our efforts.

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