January 11, 2016


  • Jill Bjers
  • Scott Lundgren
  • Peter Maio
  • Keri Shearer
  • Jim Van Fleet
  • Guest: Randall Mardus
  • Guest: Lori Quinn




Mobile Engagement Strategy

Jill presented the report from Faster Glass Consulting of The Mobile Engagement Community Workshop that was held on 12/10/15.  The report is posted on Basecamp.

Jill will work to categorize any of the ideas that were collected as potential Brigade apps.

The Committee would like to propose a strategy to Jeff Stovall (Charlotte’s City CIO), suggesting additional engagement events at other locations to encourage participation from additional neighborhoods.  Jill will draft the recommendation.

Leadership Changes

Twyla McDermott has left the City’s IT Department.  She will no longer be the Brigade’s Municipal Partner.   We are all hoping she will stay involved with the Brigade in another capacity.

Chris Sunde has resigned his position on the Executive Committee.  We are all thankful for all of his contributions.

Randall Mardus has accepted the invitation to join the Executive Committee.

We will delete Natasha Warren and Davida Jackson from the Executive Committee membership roster for future meetings.

Jill shared the Leadership Onboarding material that she is enabling.  Awesome!


Citygram – Keri will determine if a PO has been issued by the City.

Adopt a Thing – Jim will continue edits of the Skilled Volunteer Engagement (SVE) agreement.  Jill will assume the project lead role on an interim basis.

Open Budget – there is new data to be deployed by Jim.

Winter Holiday Gift Exchange – virtual machine was provided to volunteer Operator of Record – Andrew Natoli.  Jill is working on SVE.

Procedures for Work Intake – Jill and Jim will provide status update at next Executive Committee meeting.

Cultivation Event with CfA / Affiliate Program

Jill and Jim summarized the CfA affiliate program that will provide fundraising assistance in exchange for a percentage of the funds raised.  Jim and Jill will keep the Committee informed of the discussion.

Jill will create a list of potential donors and provide for Executive Committee review.


Code for Charlotte has been accepted in the Class of 2016 for SEED20!  Check it out at www.seed20.org .  Jill will participate.  Starting in early February, the SEED20 Class of 2016 will spend seven intense weeks of training, coaching, and mentoring on how to succinctly and powerfully tell their story – to funders, the community, and YOU! 

Jill will need substitutes for leading our Hack Nights during the SEED20 training.  She also asks for more participation from Executive Committee members at Hack Nights.  Subsequent to meeting Jill posted dates of Hack Night that require coordination.

Mark your calendars for the April 11 event at the Knight Theater to support Jill.

February Meeting

February Meeting:  Tuesday, February 16, Noon-1:30pm, Industry Charlotte, NC Music Factory.  Jill sent meeting notice.


You can view the Brigade website at http://www.codeforcharlotte.org/ .

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