Join us!

Welcome! Code for Charlotte is a community. As with all communities there is a need for all skill sets. We need coders, designers, copywriters, editors, marketers, organizers, storytellers and everything in between. Whatever your skill is, we can definitely use it.

One of the additionally awesome things is that you can volunteer virtually.  With the busy lives that we all lead and multiple demands, it is often hard to find the time to volunteer.  We totally get you! While we’d love to see you on Tuesdays or at one of our other events, we understand and have tried to set up joining us and getting started as a virtual process too.

Three easy steps to getting started:

Step #1 – Meetup: For keeping up with our schedule, you’ll want to check out our Meetup page.  While it is possible to volunteer with us without being on Meetup. It is where we post all of our events.  So if you want to know our schedule, that is the best place to look.

Step #2 – Slack: Our primary form of communication is Slack. If you aren’t familiar, you’re going to love it. Think IRC and IM had a beautiful, powerful baby named Slack. Email us at for an invite. Once you get the email and set up an account, say hi on the #general channel.

Step #3 – Sign Up Survey: Because we like to know more about you and do our best to match up your volunteer time with what you’re looking for, please fill out this quick survey. It helps us learn about your skills to connect you with projects, opportunities and more. Thank you, we appreciate it.

And now for our favorite tool:

True to all things tech and civic we are in a constant state of iteration and improvement.  Here are the tools that we recommend you know or get familiar with to capitalize on a volunteering with us, in-person or virtually.

Github: All of our projects are open-source. Which means we share the code, documentation and the process to all of it.  Github is a great resource, even for more than just development.  Here are some resources to fully use Github:

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