July 19, 2016


  • Jill Bjers
  • Scott Lundgren
  • Peter Maio
  • Keri Shearer
  • Jim Van Fleet


Subject Notes
Basecamp As Jim had previously reported, CfC’s Basecamp has been taken down.  The committee agree to utilize the following tools.
Trello – for “to do’s” and TasksSlack – for conversations

Drive – for documents
Jill will ensure that Executive Committee members have the appropriate access to these tools.
To Do’s:

Jill – post videos on Basecamp Drive

Funding No update.
Potential Brigade Apps from Mobile Engagement Strategy Community Workshop Public Art – Scott reported he is scoping the project, will add to Trello and post his notes.
School Bus Tracking – Jim reported that he is meeting with CMS (Jim Harden) for further discussion.
Procedures for Work Intake Randall had previously posted to Slack.
Jim indicated he will be provided input/edits to Randall subsequently on 7/19.
Projects Winter Holiday Gift Exchange – Scott reported that progress is good and the review is continuing at Hack Nights.
Open Budget – no update.


Adopt a Thing – no update.


Citygram – may be signing up a Canadian city.


CATS released transportation app – members are getting familiar with it.

Legal Jill reported that she has approved a standard engagement memo with Steven Snyder at King & Spaulding.  He will assist with finalizing By-Laws, 501(c)3 filing, review of Skilled Volunteer Engagement (SVE) agreement, and will draft employment agreement for Jill as Executive Director.
Jill will invite Steven to an upcoming Executive Committee meeting after work is underway.
Upcoming Events / Initiatives / Partnerships Hack Nights – every Tuesday, Industry Charlotte.
Scott mentioned the Everyone On organization (www.everyoneon.org ), but cited that there may not be an opportunity for direct partnership.


Jill mentioned the Digital Hip Hop Summit (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/digital-hip-hop-summit-tickets-26239201157 ) taking place on Sat, 7/30 at Johnson C. Smith University.  She is investigating partnership, may be limited to driving awareness/attendance.

Notes Next meeting – Wednesday, August 17, 6:00pm – 7:30pm, Industry Charlotte.
You can view the Brigade website at http://www.codeforcharlotte.org/ .



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