July 23, 2014


  • Jill Bjers
  • Davida Jackson
  • Scott Lundgren
  • Peter Maio
  • Twyla McDermott
  • Adam Parker
  • Keri Shearer (on phone)
  • Jim Van Fleet
  • Natasha Warren
  • Tom Warshauer




Purpose of Executive Commitee

Peter reviewed the executive committee charter.  Jim and Jill suggested that the following be added to the Purpose:

6. Maintain awareness and communication with Code for America organization

Peter has added this to the Charter and reposted to Basecamp.

Review active project / initiative list

Jim and Adam shared that that there is difficulty in determining which projects are active.  It was acknowledged that a process needs to be developed to identify and track projects.  We will make this the topic of discussion for a future Executive Committee Meeting.  In the meantime, Adam will work to produce a list of known projects.

ACTION ITEM: Adam will post list of projects to Basecamp.

For Hack Night 7/28, the Committee agreed to focus volunteer activities on the following:

  • Charlotte Answers
    • Answer questions
    • Stand up an instance of the software
  • Code For Charlotte Website
    • Add Code of Conduct
    • Write a Middleman extension as a wrapper to Meetup API
    • Test integration of Prose.io
    • Automate deploy with Travis CI
  • Local Wiki
  • Adopt-a-“Thing”
  • Storytelling

Jim agreed to “triage” the volunteers for the upcoming Hack Night.

The Committee recognized that there are projects that require city participation, and that there are projects that the Brigade may undertake without city sponsorship.

The Committee also agreed that a forum for project pitches is required and that Hack Night may not be the most appropriate forum.  We will make this a topic of discussion for the August Executive Committee Meeting.

Set priorities for upcoming meetings / events

Jill shared that the most important work of communications is to determine the best way to provide information to Davida.  Davida shared that her preference is to publish on existing media – e.g. Facebook, Linked In.  The list of projects from Adam will be helpful for Davida.

The Committee agreed that the “To Do List” on Basecamp is the best way to assign tasks to each other.

Jill also shared that she is looking for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that will enable Brigade leadership to track conversations.

The Committee agreed that regular communication to the Brigade is needed.  We agreed to discuss at August Executive Committee Meeting.

Twyla metioned that we have a One-year Strategic Plan that indicates we will develop a Two-Year Plan.  We agreed to discuss at the September Executive Committee Meeting.

Highlight economic development opportunities and discuss tactics for promoting

Natasha shared the highlights of city project to deploy a website for entrepreneurs.  Currently, the scope is being gathered for an RFP process.  There is not a need for volunteer engagement at this time.

We agreed to discuss any specifics to utilize the Brigade as a business incubator at the next Executive Committee Meeting.

Review learnings from Open Data Portal Initiative

Twyla announced that a soft go-live of the Open Data Portal is targeted for 8/1/14 at opencharlotte.net .  The City Manager’s Office is helping with communication.

The Committee agreed to discuss opportunities for Hack Night that may be related to what is available on the Open Data Portal


Tom secured the same space of the next Committee meeting – Wednesday, August 20, 6:00pm – 7:30pm.

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