March 24, 2016


  • Jill Bjers
  • Scott Lundgren
  • Peter Maio
  • Randall Mardus
  • Keri Shearer
  • Jim Van Fleet
  • Guest: Lori Quinn




Potential Brigade Apps from Mobile Engagement Strategy Community Workshop

The full list of ideas generated from the workshop is available on the Open Data Portal.  A summary of the ideas is included in the report from Faster Glass Consulting that is posted on Basecamp.

Two-part follow up on these ideas:

  • Elaborate ideas of interest to volunteers at a Civic Day, April 9.  (Jill)
  • Identify potential point people at the City that would be interested in sponsoring potential Brigade work.  (Keri)

Status on Procedures for Work Intake

Deferred to next meeting.


Citygram – Lori/Jill confirmed that the Brigade has been paid.

Adopt a Thing – No update.  (Jim had anticipated that the Skilled Volunteer Engagement (SVE) agreement would be signed week of 2/22/2016.)

Open Budget – Scott reported that a volunteer is commenting the code and suggesting ways to improve it.  Also a Tech Writer is annotating the mouse overs.

Winter Holiday Gift Exchange – Scott reported that the volunteers are now using Cloud9 development environment – enabling workspaces in the cloud.  This eliminates complexities associated with differing volunteer laptops and saves time associated with configurations.

Upcoming Events

Mark your calendars for the April 11 SEED20 event at the Knight Theater to support Jill.  Jill is a finalist!  Tickets are on sale now at . Early bird pricing ends 4/3/2016.  Jill would like some volunteers to man the table following the event.

Jill informed the group that she is contemplating a Tech Drive during the summer to collect unused hardware and devices and put them into service elsewhere.

April Meeting

Peter will use Basecamp to poll group on good dates for April meeting.


You can view the Brigade website at .


Jill posted the new logo on Slack.  Looks great!

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