May 29, 2015


  • Jill Bjers
  • Davida Jackson
  • Scott Lundgren
  • Peter Maio
  • Twyla McDermott
  • Keri Shearer




Portfolio Initiative

No update.

Brigade Participation Engagement Hypothesis

Jill and Chris aggregated the volunteer information from sign in sheets into one spreadsheet.  (Jill will post to Basecamp.)

The aggregated information indicates a few things:

  • Non-developers are attending events on a more consistent basis
  • Developers, if not getting tasks right away, are not returning
  • Developers involved in “discovery” are more consistently returning

If there is further dialog with CfA on this topic, Jill will report back to the Committee.

Spark Conference, National Day of Civic Hacking, June 6

The CfC Brigade is being offered free space at the upcoming Spark Conference in exchange for providing breakfast for 200.   A hackathon is part of the agenda.  Scott, Jill, Jim, and Davida will be attending.

Jill will provide “Intro to Civic Tech”.

Chris Constable (senior developer from ETSI) will provide “Intro to Github”.

Volunteers can register via the Spark web site or Meetup.

Twyla will send Spark Conference link to government staff to generate interest/attendance.


The Pending Rezonings dataset is being published.  A joint press release is planned from the CfA Brigade and the City of Charlotte.

Twyla will post a draft copy of the release when it is available.

Open Budget

Budget is expected to be approved on 6/8/2015.  No data is available until after that date.

Jill will investigate with Jim if anything can be done before the budget is released.

Insta-Deployable Apps

The Committee reiterated its position that we should drive notification apps to Citygram rather than deploy separate notification apps that may be available from CfA.

Scott agreed to investigate the Socrata module that would enable citizen input.  Jill will provide contact info of Reid Sarcozi to Scott.

Subsequent to meeting, Peter posted “To Do”s on Basecamp for Jill and Scott.

Impact3 / 501(c)(3)

Jill filed articles of incorporation for Not for Profit status.  She has fundraising meetings set up with Ortho-Carolina, Microsoft, and Wells Fargo foundations.

Peter will provide red-lined version of By Laws to Jill based on Queen City Forward By Laws within a few days.

Jill will get CfA By Laws, if available.


Queen City Forward is looking for space, presenting a possible opportunity for CfC to occupy space with them.  Twyla agreed to alert Tom and Natasha.

June Meeting: Wednesday, June 24, 6:30pm – 8:00pm.  Peter will investigate space at 230 South Tryon (3rd and S.Tryon).

July Meeting: Friday, July 31, Noon – 1:30pm.  Keri will secure space.

Jill will send meeting invitations.


You can view the new website work in progress at .

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