November 18, 2014


  • Jill Bjers
  • Peter Maio
  • Twyla McDermott
  • Jim Van Fleet
  • Tom Warshauer




Review active project / initiative list

Priorities for upcoming Hack Night

For Hack Night 11/24, the Committee agreed to focus volunteer activities on the following:

  • Adopt-a-“Thing” (Chris Sunde)
  • Open Budget (Jim Van Fleet)
  • Youth Portal (Paul Wheeler)

Jim will play the role of emcee for the meeting.

Location is Hill Street.

The Committee agreed that there will not be a Hack Night nor an Executive Committee Meeting in December.

Open Data Portal

Twyla informed the Committee that there will be a formal launch event the week of 12/15, involving the Mayor, City Council, and Code for America.  There is a possibility that the Code for America fellows will be in Charlotte for the event.

Twyla is looking to combine this with a holiday celebration in lieu of a December Hack Night.


Citygram will go live at the same time as the Open Data Portal.  Jim had created and supplied a proposed sustainability plan to Danny Whalen at CfA – no response received, though discussions will continue.

In the short term, hosting will be at Heroku.  Maintenance will be outsourced to the Brigade.  Jim will send Twyla a draft proposal.

Open Budget

Twyla reinforced the City’s commitment to this initiative.  Jim and Twyla discussed the Skilled Volunteer Engagement Agreement – that would form a model for engagement of the CfC Brigade with the City.  Jim and Twyla are collaborating on this agreement and will share final draft when ready.

The Committee agreed that two types of agreements may be necessary – one to describe a “best efforts” agreement for participation of volunteers, a second to describe participation for a “defined outcome”.

Jill agreed to ask Smart Chicago for their volunteer agreement(s).


The Committee continued discussion of the possibility of establishing a 501(c)(3).

The model envisioned is that the 501(c)(3) is a formal organization that may have professional paid staff and provides sponsorship to the less formal volunteer organization – the Brigade.  It is possible that the Executive Committee might serve as the Board of the 501(c)(3).

Jill outlined the steps involved.  She agreed to get a copy of the Bylaws from the Smart Chicago Collaborative.  Jill also agreed to post presentation on Basecamp that provides more information on Chicago’s organizational structure.

All agreed further discussion on this is warranted.


Jill informed the Committee that she changed the settings on Meetup so that members of the Committee no longer need to approve new members.

Jill mentioned that she nominated the CfC Brigade and Jim Van Fleet for the Blue Diamond Awards.

Jill raised awareness of the SEED20 Competition.

Tom will secure the same space for the next Committee meeting – Wednesday, January 18, Noon –1:30pm.  Jill sent meeting invitation.

Next Hack Night is Monday 1/26/2015.

Upcoming Topics:

  • Discuss possibility of greater frequency of Hack Night at next Executive Committee Meeting.
  • Discuss Insta-Deployable applications available from CfA.  (Jim)
  • Compare CfC project list to CfA focus areas.  (Jill)

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