October 21, 2015


  • Scott Lundgren
  • Peter Maio
  • Twyla McDermott
  • Keri Shearer
  • Chris Sunde
  • Jim Van Fleet
  • Guest: Erica Mitchell




Erica Mitchell

Erica Mitchell joined the meeting and introduced herself.  We are looking forward to working with Erica.

TO DO: Jim will provide access for Erica to our Basecamp project.

Mobile Engagement Strategy

The Brigade is accepting the challenge of delivering a Mobile Engagement Strategy and gathering citizen input on the delivery of mobile digital services.

Twyla outlined the stakeholders for the strategy.  They will be looking for answers to the following questions over time, among others.

  • What is the City’s approach to digital service delivery?
  • What are the services?
  • How will mobile services be delivered?
  • What are the training implications?
  • How are other City projects going to be affected?
    • 311 Re-deploy
    • Charmeck web site re-write
    • MyCharlotte app
  • What are the constraints regarding the technology stack?

TO DO: Twyla will create a charter for the Mobile Engagement Strategy and provide it on Basecamp by end of next week.

Early logistics notes:

  • Goal is to complete strategy document and facilitated session to gather citizen input by year end, to align with the City budget process.  Also to identify potential complimentary sources of funds.
  • Desire is to have a paid facilitator that will also summarize the citizen feedback in writing and present findings.
  • Planning will be targeting an evening event for 75-100 people, 2-3 hours in duration.
  • City staff will participate in the facilitated session.
  • A few ideas on facilitators:
    • Kendra at Shift
    • David Phillips at Faster Glass Consulting
    • The Lee Institute
  • A few ideas on location for the facilitated session:
    • Queens University
    • UNCC
    • Johnson C. Smith University

Scott mentioned that he thought the facilitated session for the Cross Charlotte Trail was particularly good at soliciting input and creating citizen interaction.

TO DO: Scott will write a few paragraphs summarizing the Cross Charlotte Trail event and post to Basecamp.

To DO: Jim will make contacts with potential facilitators to judge availability, services, and cost.

Winter Holiday Gift Exchange

Scott provided an overview of the project and a status of the front end and back end development.

TO DO: Jim to identify contact at Laravel for potential help.

Presentation to City Council

Twyla mentioned the presentation should highlight four projects:

  • Citygram
  • Winter Holiday Gift Exchange
  • Open Budget
  • Mobile Engagement Strategy

(Also note outline from previous Executive Committee Meeting minutes.)

The Committee reviewed the action items from the previous Executive Committee Meeting on this topic.

Action Items from previous meeting:

  • Jill/Jim – make existing presentation available to the Executive Committee on Basecamp.  Complete
  • Twyla/Tom – review existing presentation and comment on suitability, suggest edits, etc.
  • Jill – ask CfA for additional material.
  • Twyla/Tom –strategize on getting slot on City Manager meeting.  Target October or early November.
  • Jill/Jim – keep eyes and ears open at CfA Summit for experiences and/or best practices for Procurement, RFPs, Purchasing, etc.  (It was agreed to make this a topic for an upcoming meeting – target December.)

TO DO: Erica will take a look at existing presentation and outline from previous Executive Committee Meeting and begin a working draft presentation.


Jim mentioned that the Citygram Grant requires renewal.

TO DO: Jim will provide a proposed value for the grant and an agreement to Twyla.

November Meeting

November Meeting:  Monday, November 16, 12:30pm – 2:00pm at Industry Charlotte.  Subsequent to this meeting Jill sent new meeting invitation.


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