September 14, 2015


  • Jill Bjers
  • Scott Lundgren
  • Peter Maio
  • Keri Shearer
  • Chris Sunde
  • Jim Van Fleet
  • Tom Warshauer




Presentation to City Council

The Committee discussed three possible forums for presenting, as follows:

  • Request to present at regular meeting (possible 3 minute slot)
  • Dinner meeting (possible 20 minute slot)
  • City Managers Report (possible 10 minute slot)

The Committee agreed to prepare a 10 minute presentation, and target a City Managers Report.  Tom indicated that there will be several opportunities to review draft materials with the City Manager’s Office and receive feedback in advance of the final presentation.

The following were ideas of what to cover in the presentation:

  • Who we are
    • Stats on membership
    • Comparison of Charlotte Brigade to other Brigades nationwide
    • We are a significant organization being recognized as Best in Class
  • What we are doing for you
    • Projects – highlighting Citygram, explain what Citygram does
  • Themes to emphasize
    • Open Data advocacy
    • Need for City/County staff support
    • Award from Code for America for Citygram
  • Potential items to ask for
    • Data from CATS
    • Data from CMPD
    • Full funding of Data Officer position, envisioned by Jeff Stovall
  • Things we have learned
    • We love Open Data
    • Some departments are easier to work with than others
    • Relationship with Purchasing can be challenging
    • Experience with RFP was difficult
    • A little funding helps take things across the finish line
    • We want more partners – give us a call, come work with us
  • Recognition of people that helped

Action Items:

  • Jill/Jim – make existing presentation available to the Executive Committee.
  • Twyla/Tom – review existing presentation and comment on suitability, suggest edits, etc.
  • Jill – ask CfA for additional material.
  • Twyla/Tom – meet on 9/30 to strategize on getting slot on City Manager meeting.  Target October or early November.
  • Jill/Jim – keep eyes and ears open at CfA Summit for experiences and/or best practices for Procurement, RFPs, Purchasing, etc.

Open Budget

Jim reported that he received the “green light” from Karen that the data looks good.  Jim also reported that the Asheville platform is now available for free – and “it’s good!”.


Jim reported that Citygram will be live in the Triangle and San Diego within the coming month.  It is on track for deployment subsequently in New York.


Winter Holiday Gift Exchange – Jill created a spec sheet to release on Slack.  Jill has lined up a back end developer volunteer and the 9/15 Hack Night will be dedicated to this project.

Scott filed a request for commercial and residential building permits and received the data.  Twyla is reviewing.

Scott reported that he is in process of contacting Ian Henshaw at OpenDataSoft to enable functionality with Google Maps.

Scott reported that he has not yet requested Restaurant Inspection data.  He is researching deployment with Yelp, indicating that Yelp would like the County’s blessing.

Scott indicated that Brian Francis, public affairs manager for the County is a good contact for the Brigade in making data-related requests.

October Meeting

October Meeting:  Wednesday, October 21, 12:30pm – 2:00pm at Industry Charlotte.  Subsequent to this meeting Jill sent new meeting invitation.


You can view the new website at .

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