September 18, 2014


  • Jill Bjers
  • Davida Jackson
  • Scott Lundgren
  • Peter Maio
  • Adam Parker
  • Tom Warshauer






Previous meeting minutes indicated that there would not be a Hack Night in September due to competing events for Brigade leadership.  Due to feedback received by Jill from volunteers, a Hack Night has been scheduled for Monday, September 22.

Review active project / initiative list

Priorities for upcoming meetings

Jill provided overview of the project list which is posted on Google docs as follows:

Jill will send a list of the active projects to Brigade members for updates.

Adam will draft a reporting form that will enable straightforward and uncomplicated status updates from the project leads (Brigade contact).  The intention is for the form to be deployed on the website.

For Hack Night 9/22, the Committee agreed to focus volunteer activities on the following:

  • Adopt-a-“Thing” (Chris Sunde)
  • Youth Portal (Paul Wheeler)
  • Website (Scott Lundgren)
  • Local Wiki (Adam Parker)
  • Charlotte Answers (Davida Jackson)

Scott will play the role of emcee for the meeting.

As a follow-up, Scott suggested that creation of a “developer’s guide” for Local Wiki would be a good idea.  He’ll take a stab at it.


Jill and Davida discussed upcoming communications efforts including the newsletter.  Among upcoming events are the following:

  • Google Hangout w/Jill , Monday, Sep 29
  • Write-a-thon , Saturday, Oct 11
  • Storytelling Team Recruiting , Wednesday, Oct 15

Jill mentioned that the Ettain group ( is interested in providing sponsorship for Brigade activities in the form of providing food for meet-ups.

Jill mentioned that Esri is interested in holding a forum to get feedback on the Open Data Portal.  It was agreed that timing would be coordinated with Twyla.

Jill mentioned that she created merchandise on ( with Code for Charlotte designs.  Each purchase provides $5.00 commission to the Brigade.  The Committee discussed providing a link to the site from the Code for Charlotte website, perhaps a focus for upcoming Hack Night.

Jill mentioned that the Brigade leaders from other North and South Carolina cities might be interested in a regional Brigade leadership summit.  Jill will keep the Committee updated on this topic.

Volunteer Feedback

Jill reviewed some volunteer feedback and suggested that the Committee discuss ways to engage inactive Brigade members.

Adam noted that Code for America (CfA) will be narrowing focus to a few key areas.  Jill agreed to review the project list for ideas that may align with CfA focus areas.  A focus on these ideas may engage some inactive Brigade members.  Committee agreed to discuss further at next meeting.

Adam suggested that tasks of short duration that might be completed during one Hack Night would be appealing to some volunteers.  Scott suggested that those types of tasks exist but require a volunteer with specific skills.  For Monday’s Hack Night, Ruby language skills would be useful for short duration tasks.  Davida agreed to put out a Tweet calling for Ruby skills on Monday.


Twyla wrote “No change in status from August. All is calm.”

Open Data Portal

Twyla wrote “Going through approval for go-live processes. Only 2 more items remain: a dinner briefing for City Council (date:TBD) and staff education (October). I think it will be November for go-live on the soft launch.”


We agreed to defer the discussion of the Foreign Service Concept to a future meeting.

We agreed to defer the update from Jim on the CATS Vendor Conference to a future meeting.

Tom will secure the same space for the next Committee meeting – Thursday, October 23, 6:00pm – 8:00pm.  Jill will send meeting invitation.

Happy Birthday Davida!

Congratulations to Jim and wife on birth of their new son!

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