Originally developed by Code for America, Balance used the magic of APIs to allow users to get the balance of their EBT (Food Stamps) via text. It works for the whole state of North Carolina.

EBT is the state of North Carolina’s food stamp program. Someone on EBT has three ways of checking their balance:
1. Their receipt when they purchase something.
2. The EBT website by entering a 20 digit number.
3. Calling into the EBT phone line and going through a 20 digit phone prompt system.


Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 11.17.53 PM


None of these are great ways. So using the magic of API’s we have turned on a Code for America project called Balance. This allows someone to text in and get their balance.

How it works: When a person texts into 980-272-4936 the API calls into the phone number for the NC EBT Line. The API goes through the prompts, listens to the message, transcribes it and then texts it back to the phone number. Simple as that!
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