How do our projects start? Well, through much trial and error we’ve figured out a process. As with all things, it is evolving but here is our process…


First we start with a civic idea. While we are open to all civic ideas. What’s a civic idea? Well, the broad parameters is that is must make our community better, more engaged and accessible. That can be both government, public resources or non-profit related. We love new partnerships, so if you have something in mind, please reach out.


The next step is our Delivery Lead and City Partner will find a City Champion for the project. That is someone in the city that will work with the team to help delivery and champion the project. This is really important and will translate to any organization we work with. Without this we don’t have a shared goal and low chance of adoption.

Simultaneously, our leadership team will work with the project lead to fill out a Project Canvas. This helps us think about problem statements, key activities, partners and existing resources that we can utilize.


Then we connect everyone to Project Engineer and start mapping out the project, features and a plan of attack. This includes a Skilled Volunteer Engagement agreement and spec sheet. This piece is very much like traditional software development but is so vital.


We get to work building a team and reaching out to existing partners that can assist.

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