How do our projects start? Well, through much trial and error we’ve figured out a process. As with all things, it is evolving but here is our process…


First, we start with a civic idea. While we are open to all civic ideas. What’s a civic idea? Well, the broad parameters is that is must make our community better, more engaged and accessible. That can be both government, public resources or non-profit related. We love new partnerships, so if you have something in mind, please reach out. If you still aren’t sure if your idea is civic tech, check out our criteria.


The next step is to start filling out a Project Canvas. You can find it here.  We do this because it is a great way to brainstorm what resources and partnerships exist and are needed. Once you get a start on it, our team will help you fill out some of the missing pieces.


Next, we will help find a City Champion and make sure you are connected to City and community partners.



Then we connect everyone to our dev team and start mapping out the project, features and a plan of attack. This generally results in a Statement of Work document that lists spec and requirements for the project.

If we are working with a new department in the City, we’ll look at a new Skilled Volunteer Engagement agreement.


We get to work building a team and reaching out to existing partners that can assist. Additionally, we’ll start a Slack channel for your project.

If have any questions, please reach out to us.

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