Our vision is to ultimately become a technology partner to both government and community.  We strongly believe that this is how we make a lasting change and move from a reactionary entity to an organization that helps formulate the path that Charlotte takes.  With both technology and community in mind we can become a smart city in more than just technology but a smart city because we will be utilizing our most valuable resource, our very smart citizenry.  Wouldn’t that be amazing? Just typing that gives goosebumps.

Now for the work…How do we get there? Well, that takes sold relationship building and work.  To do that is two fold. Not only do we build the relationships but we show up and do the work. We deliver on our promises, follow up on what we say we are going to do and then scale our project to grow them to larger projects.  As we do that over time, we will get there.  No one said this would happen over night but the work will be worth it.

What we are building is a better Charlotte, a better future and that is definitely worth it.

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